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The Avalanche training center Tschentenalp in Adelboden offers training courses as well as independent training units for safe handling of avalanches. Rescuing comrades has the highest priority!

It is absolutely important to avoid an avalanche through careful behavior. If it does happen, time is of the essence.


The ATC Avalanche Training Center is a stationary facility for practicing searching for avalanche victims using avalanche transceivers and avalanche probes. It makes it possible to train the handling of emergency equipment under realistic conditions.


The popular and easy-to-use ATC Avalanche Training Center can be found 300m from the Tschentenalp mountain station, in the direction of Schermtanne!


The facility is in operation throughout the winter season and is open to the public and free of charge.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at:


The brochure “Beware of Avalanches” and the description of the “Avalanche Training Center” facility are available at the mountain station.

Welcome to the Avalanche Training Center on Tschentenalp – your safe haven for first-class avalanche training!


Immerse yourself in the world of safety on the snow-covered slopes at the Tschentenalp. Our training center not only offers you adrenaline-filled adventures, but above all life-saving knowledge in dealing with avalanches. You can expect a professional environment, where you can learn from experts and perfect your skills in dealing with winter hazards.


Our highlights:

  • Expert-led training: Our certified trainers are professionals in their field and are happy to share their extensive knowledge with you. Learn to recognize avalanche dangers and acquire the skills to act appropriately in an emergency.

  • Realistic Simulations: Immerse yourself in realistic scenarios to overcome the challenges of avalanche rescue. Our modern simulations offer practical training that optimally prepares you for real situations.

  • Top equipment: Benefit from our high-quality equipment, which enables you to participate in the training courses safely and effectively. We value quality and safety so that you are optimally protected.

  • Breathtaking surroundings: The Tschentenalp not only offers optimal conditions for avalanche training, but also an impressive backdrop. Enjoy the picturesque mountain landscape and be inspired by nature.

  •  Individual courses: Our training center offers courses for all experience levels - from beginners to professionals. Choose the course that best suits your needs and abilities.


Invest in your safety and experience an unforgettable adventure at the Avalanche training center on Tschentenalp. We look forward to welcoming you to our training paradise and giving you the knowledge, you need for carefree winter experiences!

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